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The Growing Band Director

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When you're green you're growing
and when you're ripe, you rot

Ray Croc


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Our mission is to share practical advice that will help all current and aspiring band directors through weekly episodes released every Monday

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Band Directors are selfless, giving, and hard working people.  They go above and beyond for their students each and every day, spending all their time at school, and much of their time at home focused on the students in their band.

The Growing Band Director Podcast gives band directors a chance to connect with great teachers around the world, and learn ways to improve their bands immediately.  

Every episode is designed for that band director who is driving to school and has a short time until they get there.  Listen to every episode, listen to a few episodes, or listen to part of an episode - we hope you will learn practical ways to improve your band, and to help you improve as a band director.






Executive Producer & Host

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